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Grow The Healthy Hair And Brighten Your Face

Everyone cares about their beauty and particularly their hair. Some people have hair fall which may make the person to get into complexity. Your improper food habit may also cause ill health to you that may be another cause for your hair fall. There are some methods to have a bright look on your face. The methods are exercising regularly will make you feel relaxed and fresh and eat the healthy food that may regulate your body metabolism. It is good to avoid the foods such as bread, pizza and pasta as they have the white carbohydrates. Drink more water every day that will get you free from the stomach disorder. Take the foods that have the adequate proteins such as sprouts, fish, chicken, fresh fruits, salads and the milk and yogurt that are free from fat. Use of salicylic acid or the alpha hydroxy acid twice a day during the face wash will add freshness to your face. Do not stray your hands on your face in which the bacteria in your hand may create the acne on your face. Applying the oil of the tea tree will also cure the acne from your face. The hair loss is also the common issue with the people in which the people feel about the spoilage of their beauty due to hair loss. The heredity, anemia, hormonal imbalance and extreme dieting will also cause the hair loss. The vitamin deficiency, protein and iron are also the other cause for the hair fall. The foods having vitamin A such as yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables, liver, greens, milk, eggs and the fish oils that encourages the hair growth.

Posted on Friday September 20 2013 6:50 AM


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